Higher Purpose

by J Jesus

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released March 25, 2017

All songs written by J Jesus - except 'Soundless', written by Bernard Poolman.

All music composed by J Jesus.
All instruments played by J Jesus
Recorded, mixed and Mastered by J Jesus



all rights reserved


J Jesus London, UK

I am a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer from London. I combine elements of reggae, hip hop, blues, rock and soul to create compositions of a personal and political nature.

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Track Name: Higher Purpose

When you're feeling down
So down that you can't
Even come around
To get up from your bed

When you're feeling low
So low that you can't
Even say hello
TO your best friend

Give yourself a purpose
So high
And you won't even dies
See, life is the purpose
That I
Choose to realise

I've been there time and time again
But through my will I got myself out
Have a listen, please understand
That you too can start to come about

Don't let the emotion take over
Or else you'll be closer to game over
You have the power to choose better for yourself
So why would you in sadness dwell?
Track Name: May Be

Our Self Dishonesties
Manifest this world's atrocities
No body SEEms to care
Always "some-one" elses blame
"Oh this world is so unfair"
"It's not my Response-Ability!"
Sinkin' ina polarity-game
All lost in the dream of "dignity"
Personal-Secrets are these world's "conspiracies".
And there is always someone to save us, right?
Call it god, buddha, Jesus, alah, Jah! Rastafar I
"Forgive I and I"
We say…
As if we can't forgive ourselves in everyway.

Now I ask you
If this is what you see?
You may, so, do
And so you May-Be

Comunism, socialism, monarchy, democracy,
A deep leap for those faithfully asleep
"Here's our vote, in you we trust"
Aren't we a bunch of sheep
For the pastor knows lust
From the masses who rust
This smells like hipocrisy
Deceptive "reality"

The american dream
Is Earth's nightmare
Exploitation of the poor
Is the rich man stock share
Lies and lure
All entertained in ego care
All sleeping under a "mind selfish dream"
To whom belongs this air?

All Loving
All powerful
Could you be that god?
Or illusion fooled?

I said
All loving
As all standing
I tell you that such life you are
Why be behind mind bars?
Track Name: Going with the Flow

And when I wake up
I go with the flow
And when I move
I go with the flow
And when I speak
I go with the flow
And when I dance
I go with the flow

There's something inside me
Coming out to play
I've always had it in me
But I couldn't find a way

See, I'm starting to see
And I won't do it halfway
I will be busy buzzing like a bee
And I won't go astray

Like the fresh air from a mountain top
I keep moving I don't stop
What once was no longer bounds
Just a moment in me sounds

I flow to the low and I grow
I'm the river, I'm the see
I'm the rain that soon will be
Once again back to the sea
Track Name: Look into My Eye

A poetical note does not compute with futile attempts of consciousness,
it serves no such purposes.
It is so much broader in its scope,
Way beyond everything you have come to call "dope"
For unlike a thought it does not prohibit, limit or morally bound,
Anyone or anything against or for something -- it is sound

A man as a thought is oh so easily confused;

He thinks the sea is blue because the sky is blue too - when in truth is just how the light moves through

Naive in his thoughts he throws them all against the reality of real beings,
as ice cubes against the sun.
The son of man will never shine unless darkness surrounds him.

A poetical note is as such to translate what a mind cannot grasp,
for how you see through thoughts does not recognize the life in the blade of grass.

The poetical note speaks to more than mind.
This that is the poet’s charm;
is speaking not to the mind, but through the mind.
With a profound communion, like the breath of life and death interacting –
He speaks and he sees not within interpretation, but self-realization.

Look into my eye
And see the sound of silence
Look up to the sky
Beyond the light there's darkness

Look into your eye
Is there a trace of fear?
Find out the Lie
So that you may live Here

It's what I've done
It's what I do
Let's Stand as One
And Equals too

The words of the poet pour from him with a meaning and purpose that is missed by most

Those that hear and practice the inner sight will embark on a journey that transcend the questions
Who am I ?
Why am I here?
Is there a God?
What is the meaning of Life?

For everything has already been revealed...
And as we walk through the valley of the shadow of the dead
Be still and know that Life is All
Bring down all walls
This is the poet's call
Track Name: Running Away from Your Life

I want to know
Why you're running from your life
Did you know
We are here to play - and so

Let me tell you now
We ain't supposed to be fighting
So why do we allow
This inner confusion

We can make this a better place
We can stop this crazy rat race
We can forgive and together we can live
We can forgive and together we can live

I understand it's hard to face the day
But don't give up on yourself - don't give up
Have no fear and know that you're here
Track Name: Deception

In all of us
A world of fuss

From bankers
To news anchors
A broad cast
Of roads leading
To a "life"
That doesn't last
Its a strife
The lie is rife

Inside your mates
And strangers
There's hate
And anger
Until it blows
Not anymore as love dressed
A demon grows
Now you feel the lows
Of the

Now put this all together
What do you think we will see?
Survival control deceit
As fears, as laws

A big mess all together
Until from all dishonesty we are free
All are fit
With flaws
Track Name: Sunny Summer Day

Its a sunny day
Its a summer day
Its a sunny Sunday summer day

Dawn sun rays enter through my window
I open my eye I see the sky is clear
I take a deep breath I jump out of bed
I go to the kitchen to get my body fed

I wish there was a beach in London
I'd be catching some waves under the sun
I put on my shorts, I get down to reason
I'll jump on a plane and fly down to Lisbon
Track Name: Mr Prophet

The prophecy of profit made by the prophets of the survival of the fit-test
Was never meant to be challenged by equal-net principle movement of the Desteni of man
But as we see and will continue to see there is no hope left
And no right that will right the wrongs of today's capitol
That has been left to infiltrate and intoxicate the hearts and minds of all

Only a BIG answer will provide a big solution for this immense problem we face
This endless rat race escalating at an immense pace
Surely leading to a no good situation for the majority
Do you see what I see?
It's the polluted sea, the dying bee, and the falling ancient trees of the forests of the world
Are we the man who sold the world, Kurt?
I know seeing this hurts... But drugs are no solution
Just a momentarily escape that will leave more in confusion
And leave you lifeless like a forestless ape
You get me?

Hey Mr Prophet (profit)
What are you profiting about this time?
I see no sign of you ever doing something for Life

Why this pursuit of economic growth?
Why this profit paranoia?
Why all this irrational thinking that has only created problems and solved none?
What kind of fun can a man have when his brotherman is bound by the not haves?

Profit and poverty are two sides of the same coin - I tell you!
To end one is to extinguish the other
And all that we will be left with will be true love for one another
Giving as we would like to receive
No more reasons to each other deceive
Track Name: I Come to You

I come to you and you come to me, now
We do it slowly - I will let you know how

Open up and let me in
Take a breath
Feel my skin
Hold my hand
Hold me tight
Feel alright
Because you are my wife

Move with me and feel my heat
Let it be
Be a hit
Hold my hand
Hold me tight
Feel alright
Because you are my wife
Track Name: Choice

Choice is delusion
Choice is the delusion
We have no choice
We have no choice

The final choice
The choice that will end all separation
All divided nations
It's the final choice
No ratio
To Live it practically
To Stop all choice
Choice is Polarity

Stop self formed through choice
Be eye less, to SEE
Be self less, to be
Then you will SEE
We are eternal
But we've been infernal

We fucked up big time
And only us to stop us see?
In the breath we created this self
In the breath we set ourselves free
From our delusion
Choice is delusion
Track Name: Dedication to Life

It's dedication to life
That will lead me to see
What is the lie
And the truth inside of me

Going up, going down
In a cycle of desperation
Fake a smile, a real frown
It's an endless agitation

In the city of the red bus
It's been a day and a night and another day
And still one more day Is on my way
Before I may in my bed lay

And now I go back to myself
Breaking free from the spell
My depression is no more
For I have closed that door
Track Name: I Forgive Myself

Sometimes I go down
Down the wrong way
Then I seem to not find
The way back to play

SO I stop take a step back and look
At which lifeless road I took


I forgive myself
I forgive myself
For giving up on myself
For giving up on myself

Sometimes I feel low
So low I can't feel no more
I forget how to smile
I forget how to flow

But in that I don't stay for long
Cause I know my remedy is strong

I know I can always trust on this gift
Of giving myself back to myself
I won't waste my life
Track Name: Soundless

Sound is what EYE Found
Words that forever Bound
setting in Motion all Hating

Then I Remain forever Soundless

As EYE wish for Love
and look for help from above
Words turn in my MIND
Soundless to all Ears
Words as Thoughts
Only I can Hear

Secrets of my fears
Turning into Secrets
of my Lusts and Musts

So I Remain forever Soundless

Then EYE hear Some-one Speak
And EYE Become all Weak
And My Words Sound Empty
As I pretend Love Aplenty

But Inside my Mind
EYE am a Person of Another Kind
Hiding Even from Myself
Even before the age of Twelve

So I've Remain forever Soundless

Who will I Be when the TRUTH is Known
And in a Breath my Cover is Blown
My Whole Life was fake
and spend in fears’ Sake
Even calling this Life a Game
Will never hide the Shame

Will EYE ever be able to Forgive Myself
Will EYE ever be able to forgive myself

TILL Then I Remain forever Soundless
Track Name: Our Equality

Life is an unsung song that is yet to be sung,
And be known

– for knowledge cannot ever know the now, it is always before the now,
keeping worries in the here, now and after,
and because of this disaster
the disease of tomorrow becomes the hereafter.

We will never get to be alive
We will never get to dance tonight
We will never get to be mighty
If we don't see
Our Equality

There may be no care within knowledge and fear,
and seldom does it relate to what is directly here.
So indirect - but yet, there is togetherness.

When together but not the same,
there may never be expression
for it will be suppression,

movement in compulsion, breathing in thinking,
and if it is yourself that your fear losing –
Then caring truly is a problem.

Life cannot be sung, for it is profaned,
ignored and not truly cared for. 

But if intimate in your introspection you become,
self-honest with and as all things as one –
Life will finally be sung.
Track Name: What is Love

I'll stand as you tonight
I'll stand as you today
We'll stand together as I
It couldn't be any other way

What is love
But I as you
Hands with no glove
Open as truth

What is love
But us as Life
None below nor above
Oneness dive

What is love
But not standing lies
This is be-love
This is I a-live

What is love
But one as all
Free as a dove
None to fall

And illusions
Will be no more
Fear is CON-fusion
And such is war
Track Name: Mr Greedy

There are some people in this world that are greedy
Making this word a tragedy
Most of the money in the hands of but a few
Millions have nothing, not even to chew

How can you justify such a thing?
Mr greedy you must

Give it away
To all you're equal in this earthly stay
Pass it all around
TO all you're equal, you see?
SO drop that phony crown

There are some people in this world that are loaded
Leaving most unloaded
And in this system where money is more than life
Most will be found in strife

How can you justify such a thing?
Track Name: Look Past the Feeling

You got to look past the feeling
You got to look past the pain
It's in your hands to start healing
So don't be waiting in vain
Who you are is your decision

Look inside you and you'll see you're still here
Things are moving on so don't be stuck in fear
You're the one that you're looking for
You're the one you miss so open up the door

Life is not a game, you can't go back in time
And load up the moment when everything was fine
Now you got to make the changes that will bring the best
So that your life may be fully expressed
Track Name: Life and Death

Everything I gather
Doesn't mean anything
It takes a moment
For me to "go"
And all that is left
Are ashes that the wind will blow
I won't stop and I won't rest
Until I become the best I can be in this life
So that at death I stand as I face all of me
Track Name: Equal Money

In this world
Where money is god
Dictating everyone's existences
Some are gods
But most are slaves
Of these money made

It's the root of war
It's the root of crime
It's the root of many of your
Worries in this lifetime

It's in everyone's minds
As thoughts that us all binds
To the fear of not having enough
Will it be tough?
Will it be rough?

Without money in today-s society
Soon you'll face your mortality

That's why I say
Equal money for all
Equal money for all
Equal money for all
A guaranteed life for all

- Some people say and feel everyday
Without you I won't eat
Without you I'll be in the rain
And it will be hard to sleep
Under such pain

Why is there so much of you
In the hands of so few
While over a billion knows famine
These few their billions examine

This ain't no political ideology
This is the stand for Equality

That's why I say